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This is a multi-locale (English / Chinese / Arabic) HA- High Available (redundant) SharePoint 2016 multi-tier portal which automates business processes managing following use cases
  • generating and capturing the business lead
  • converting lead to an opportuity
  • creating a customer
  • managing P.O.'s and creating SOW's
  • defining line items in deliverables
  • creating and managing projects
  • raising invoices
  • consolidating billing numbers against each cusotmer
  • generating an intelligent business report
The portal empowers business with a snapshot view at any given moment helping them to plan the cashflows better.
The platform is designed to handle a parallel load of more than 800+ users.
Problem Statement / Business Challenge

Challenge was to
  • design and set-up hardwre and software HA SharePoint 2016 farm with very limited time and that too on non-Azure IaaS provider
  • upgrade existing SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2016 HA farm ensuring data integrity and completeness
  • production support of current solution in parallel to custom enhancement / development of new / existing features
  • plan and design efficient ALM services to manage multiple code branches for production suport , new enhancements and core system architecture changes
Our services

Parallel Minds is working very closely with clients top management and projects team during the discovery phase.
  • SharePoint 2010 to 2016 multi-tier HA - high availability (software and hardware redundant) farm planning and upgrade services
  • Existing portal enhancement services
  • New portal development services
  • UX and Visual design services
  • SharePoint farm maintenance and production support services
  • end-to-end Ideation – Designing – Development – Testing – Realization – Maintenance services.
We applied a formal User eXperience methodology during discovery phase. Our team of senior Business Analysts and HFI - Human Factors International certified UX and Usability analyst operated from Mumbai and also interacted with various business functions from USA, China and India.

Suiting to the existing branding guidelines Parallel Minds BA and UX team produced following artifacts
  • user stories
  • infromation architecture
  • user journeys
  • taskflows
  • workflows
  • mockups / wireframes
  • visual designs

Technologies used
  • SharePoint 2016 HA farm
  • Responsive HTML CSS JQuery Boot strap Knockout JS
  • SQL 2014
  • SharePoint services and customer JSON REST Web API
  • Tablue integration layer

The portal is accessible to all the client employees across the world.
Business Benifits

Business process has streamlined and efficiency has improved with simplified and efficient workflows with reworked user eXperience and rich user interface
Management gets a consolidated view grouped by customers, sub grouped by P.O's, sub-grouped by SOW's and sub-grouped by projects.
System presents a single window view of current state of billing data across all business accounts.
Parallel Minds is operating a dedicated PDC - product delivery center for a partner company operating from Stavanger, Norway.
We have designed and delivered a secure well data management cloud platform. The platform is being used during well construction and handover process. Platform, lets the Field operators, Rig Engineers, multiple performing parties, vendors and management to collaborate and keep track of the progress of drilling process through a very intuitive well-progress and WAC (well acceptance criteria) dashboard.

Our client is operating under Norwegian Innovation programme and has successfully crossed 2 stages in the journey to get funded. As per the requirement, client identified an early adoption customer in Australia.
Problem statement / Business Challenge

Major challenge was to design a web based solution from scratch for an audiance who are used to large excel sheets and there is inherent resistance in accepting any new system. The need was to design a generic well data, document and process management platform. The solution had to be designed such that , it is easily customized to suit the needs of any Oil Field company. Objective was to design the system for easy adoption without disturbing any of the curent ways of managing the data. There was a lot of disconnect on how the workflows should be operating during the process; challenge was to arrive at right user storeys, workflows, task flows, interaction models, user interface models, authentication and authorization control models.

All of above needed complex discussions with all the stake holders - be it Engineers in off-shore or on-shore or compliance agencies and data control Engineers working in diferent geographies and speaking different languages. Arriving at right requirements, maintaining very simple workflows, creating customizable clean user interface, ensuring highly efficient data upload / download feautures was the most challenging job in this assignment other than managing secure deployment.
Our services
  • Web platform development and cross platform mobile apps development services
  • Agile PDC setup services with a mix of senior Business analyst, Tech lead, Solution architect, Web and Mobile developers, UX designer and QA Engineers
  • On-Shore / Off-Shore Requirements discovery services in Perth and Houston
  • UX and Visual design services
  • Production farm setup on AWS - maintenance and production support services
  • end-to-end Ideation – Designing – Development – Testing – Realization – Maintenance services.
  • TFS based ALM services
  • On going application support
We have automated builds which get deployed on staging and production servers on AWS instances.
Technologies used
  • C# MVC, JSON REST API, Micro Services
  • Responsive HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, Boot strap, Anular JS, PDF generator
  • AWS SQL 2014 RDS, Azure / AWS media and transcoding services
  • Microsoft Xamarin for iOS and Android development

Business Benifits

Oil Field operators get full control over test cases which are crucial in well acceptance
System generates well completion and compliance reports