Citizen - eServices Portal for the Ministry of Pension Fund

The platform is being developed for the Ministry in collaboration with partner in GCC country. Parallel Minds takes enormous pride being a technology partner in developing this platform using state of the art Microsoft technologies.

Problem scenario
  • Old Citizens have to visit service branch for availing Pension services
  • Citizen service centers are overburdened with Citizen requests
  • No option for Citizens to track the service requests
  • Dissatisfied Citizens with delayed service turn around time
  • Expectations from Citizen for having digital eServices on web and phone

With introduction of eServices portal and mobile apps ( for iOS and Android) Citizens are super satisfied and appreciating the e-Governance initiative

Adoption has brought following positive impact

Positive impact
  • Citizen are delighted !
  • eServices available on phone and web !
  • No need to walk to Citizen service centers for certificates!
  • Reduced rush at Citizen services centers !
  • Easy tracking of services request !
  • Digitally signed and secure e-Certificates !
  • Ministries compliance to eGoverance initiative !
The eServices platform is used by
  • Citizens / Non - Citizens | Agents - Contributors - Pensioners - Dependents
  • Members from Ministry of Health | Members from Ministry of Social Development
  • Members from various Banks | eServices officers and Customer care executives from different branch offices

Technologies used
  • Microsoft suite of web and cross platform mobile technologies / platforms like SharePoint - ASP.NET and Xamarin for iOS and Android application
  • The SharePoint portal is hosted in Governments Data Center and authenticates users Citizen Card by PKI integration.
  • The Citizen data resides in Oracle database and there is a Oracle Data Access Services layer which integrates portal data in SQL Server and Citizen data in Oracle.
  • 508 compliance | accessiblity | voice integration

eServices platform features
  • Citizens' PKI card / mobile registration and authentication
  • Citizen eServices | Visitor eServices | Non-Citizen eServices
  • Citizen profile management
  • PF Contribution and other calculators
  • PF Nominee management | PF transfer management
  • PF reports and dashboard
  • Services adoption and usage reports