iWellBook, an intelligent well book on the Cloud !

The platform is supported by Norwegian Innovation and Parallel Minds takes enormous pride being a technology partner to eLogix developing this cloud platform using state of the art Microsoft technologies.

Problems in Off shore and On shore collaboration
  • Many of the current Wellsite execution tools and well engineering planning systems used by operators, rig contractors and service companies are still server based software or “manual” engineering spreadsheets even after decades of focusing on integrated operations.
  • The onshore generated work packages, procedures, critical quality indicators and barrier assurance deliverables have no embedded systematic, engineered workflows.
  • Offshore, executed test results and reports are generated and “pasted back and forth” at various times, in various formats, from many different service providers or company personnel into documents which are emailed to onshore engineer teams
  • Existing software tools and platforms do not provide for efficient collaboration between onshore and offshore departments.

iWellBooks' mission is to address all above problems with collaboration of domain knowledge and digital technologies on the cloud.
iWellBook Platform targets efficiency improvements in the “Digital asset life cycle management” and the “Circular collaborative ecosystem” themes.
  • Direct cost savings (operations)
  • Direct time savings (rig time)
Positive impact
  • Improves and expands regulatory compliance - new best in class by (a) reducing audit preparation time and (b) reducing likelihood of audit failures or “black marks
  • Significant improvment in operation teams efficiency during well execution – interface management is now digitised, the work process is now guided and mundane tasks are automated.
  • Reduction of rig time by superior approval and management on site (onshore/offshore) and of critical activities and tests (offshore) by decreasing critical path review time, communication of status management of Well Barrier information.
  • Improved efficiency during the operating phase to manage jobs, interventions etc.
The iWellBook platform is built around the advanced iWellBook engine - a cloud based smart software package designed to integrate activity plans, communication systems and smart procedure used by integrated and interdisciplinary drilling and completion teams working on various locations.

The platform brings in
  • Well progress visibility
  • Consolidated Well documentation
  • Insightful Well reports
  • Improved Well process efficiency
  • Reduced process cost

Technologies used
  • Microsoft suite of web and cross platform mobile technologies / platforms like .NET (Core / MVC) and Xamarin for iOS and Android application and AWS IaaS

iWellBook suite explained
  • iWell Construction Book
    The world leading, assurance and verification tool for well construction.
  • iWell Barrier Book
    Safety and well barriers are critical. The iWell Barrier Book ensures you can prove and verify these elements during the life of your well.
  • iWell As-Built Book
    SEE IT and FIND IT with the iWell As-Built Book.
  • iWell Engineering Book
    At the heart is engineering, and iWell Engineering Book provides engineering project management to your OMS.
  • iWell EOWR Book
    Generating End of Well Reports is a breeze with the iWell EOWR Book. Capture information automatically as you go.
  • iWell Collector Book
    Simple but powerful the collector allows you to manage disperse information during execution activities.